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Mastercraft Tire Rebate, Spring 2016

Receive up to $60 by mail when you purchase a new set of four (4) Mastercraft HSX Tour, Mastercraft Avenger Touring LSR, Mastercraft Courser AXT, SRT Touring or Mastercraft Courser HXT tires April 1, 2016 through April 30, 2016.

4 Mastercraft Courser HXT Tires ($60 Rebate)
4 Mastercraft Courser AXT Tires ($60 Rebate)
4 Mastercraft Avenger Touring LSR Tires ($60 Rebate)
4 Mastercraft Courser HSX Tour Tires ($50 Rebate)
4 Mastercraft SRT Touring Tires ($40 Rebate)

* Backordered (out of stock) items do not qualify for the rebate.
* Customer must mail in original invoice received with the tire shipment. Printed online order confirmation or email will not be accepted.

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*** Click here to print the rebate form. ***